YAYA w/ Rich NxT

This event was one that had been long anticipated by the YAYA family. After spending a number of years bringing the vibes at the infamous Gonzo’s Tea Room in Norwich, it was time to up step it up a notch. To add to the excitement, YAYA were named as an ‘essential party’ for their event with Rich NxT by Ibiza Voice – the second time this year!

Still working alongside the guys from Gonzo’s, the doors at Bermuda Bob’s Rum Shack + Hi-Fi had finally opened and it was YAYA’s turn to take control of the new £40k Function One sound system – it was looking & sounding like it would literally ‘blow the roof off!’. Not only with a new, bigger space in hand and a sound system to complement it, this time they had the mighty Rich NxT over to play, a huge name in the underground industry. He forms part of the Fuse London family, one of the most iconic brands and record labels within the scene. You can find a number of massive releases from Rich Nxt out on Fuse London & Infuse, along with other labels such as Cr2 Records, Moan & See Double.

To warm things up for night the LUKU Soundsystem boys were onboard and did what they do best. Founded in Cambridge, these guys have been building a strong following, based on their love for underground and minimal vibes. Their track selection was on point and they took full advantage of the new Function One system, with a high rating from the man himself Rich Nxt upon entry to the club. Next up was PRiiMO, these boys had been looking forward to this moment for a long time. Having been fortunate enough to play on some amazing sound systems across Europe and now having one in Norwich was a dream come true. The grooves, bass lines & percussive elements were flowing strong and everyones hands were in the air from start to finish. All this leading up to the main man Rich NxT getting behind the dials at 1am and showing everyone in Norwich exactly what he is made of, engulfing the room with those Fuse vibes, making this event one that will never be forgotten. The start of a new chapter for YAYA…

Good Vides - Cool People - Great Music

Dill Farnham