YAYA w/ Sound Picnic

This month YAYA invited their good friends from Sound Picnic to join them at their spiritual home of Gonzo’s Tea Room in Norwich. Sound Picnic, based in Nottingham, have developed a strong relationship with the YAYA guys, providing their fan base with a similar sound track and a vibe to match it, so it was a given that these 2 brands should join forces to host a couple of events in support of their local House Music scenes.

The vibe was on point from start to finish, early on the friendly neighbourhood YAYA residents; PRiiMO, laid down a 3 hour intro set, filled with flowing percussion and groovy bass lines as we can always expect from these guys, getting the dance floor and up running and filling the place with vibes that the House Music fans know so well. Gonzo’s was warmed up perfectly ready for the Sound Picnic residents; Desmond & Lunar, to take over the dials and it was seamless, they slipped straight into the flow of things, with a combination of mixing on CDJs and Turntables, its easy to see that these guys are definitely one to watch! Track selection was on point, coupled with a raw mixing style, these guys kept the dance floor alive until the lights came on at 3:30am. Watch this space for further events, next up YAYA will be embarking on the journey over to Nottingham to return the favour and deliver the House Music vibes.

Good People - Cool Vibes - Great Music

Dill Farnham