YAYA x QualityTime OFF Week Label Showcase w/Biotop

This was more than just an event to the YAYA guys, this was a life experience and something that had been dreamt of for a long time! YAYA embarked on their first Sonar OFF Week party, collaborating with good friends QualityTime & Biotop to host at This Side Up in the heart of Barcelona. YAYA spent a week there which included being live from the studio on Barcelona Radio, hosting their most exciting party to date, and making some amazing new friends! Whilst also getting out and about to enjoy themselves at some carefully selected parties such as Sunday Breakfast w/ Shonky and hooking up with the Solid Grooves guys for their day party. The party itself gave the opportunity for everyone involved to come together and deliver a journey through all of the different spectrums and genres from across europe offering sounds from House, Minimal, Deep, Tech and Techno backgrounds. This was something really special, the party was a massive success and flowed seamlessly! As always some amazing relationships were formed and hold great possibilities for the future. Along side the event YAYA also delivered their first VA sampler filled with music specifically selected for the OFF Week Sonar vibe which they have loved ever since their first visit to the 25 year old festival a couple of years back. This is just a taste of what YAYA have on their agenda!

Good People - Cool Vibes - Great Music