YAYA w/ PRiiMO All Night Long

‘Theres no place like home’ - has there ever been truer words spoken? This party backed that statement up all the way, the YAYA guys had been waiting to do this for a LONG time; PRiiMO all night long, an extra long 5.5 hour set, from start to finish, their longest ‘official’ set to date, at their home venue, with their home crowd and the PRiiMO vibes were delivered directly from the heart of YAYA in what turned out to be a musical, emotional and enjoyable journey for everyone involved.

The PRiiMO boys kicked things off with the sound they have been nurturing over the past couple of years, bringing their deep rolling bass lines and groovy percussive hits, at a nice slow tempo. As the dance floor started fill and every found their groove the boys stepped it up a notch and from there took the whole building on a rollercoaster ride through the deep, minimal, tech and progressive house genres, showcasing music the past 5 years of events has brought to the dance and some classics which made the place feel alive! It was great to see old and new faces, it really felt like we were all in it together, the crowd interaction was amazing and every single person was up for it and wanted more! It’s always a great sign when you look across the dance floor and even the door staff are their giving it their all!

At peak time it was a pleasure for the PRiiMO boys to welcome back good friend, great DJ and YAYA supporter Ben Major to the decks, after a short break away from the DJ’n scene and a lot of time spent on the passenger side of the decks, Ben kicked off a 4-way b2b2b2b with the PRiiMO guys. In any situation after a break there is always a level of anxiousness, but he stepped up, seamlessly mixed in his first track, waited for the drop, his hand went up in the air… and so did absolutely everyone else’s! He delivered a complete roller for his first one and started as he meant to go on, it was like he had never been away. A massive shout to Ben Major, I’m sure it wont be long before we seem him behind the dials at YAYA again.

This event was definitely one that will be remembered, by both the YAYA guys and our beloved followers and fans that have supported the parties throughout. 2019 and is shaping up to be a big year with some exciting opportunities in the pipeline.. been sure to keep your eyes peeled!

Good People - Cool Vibes - Great Music

Dill Farnham